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“Our Studio works alongside  global brands creating immersive web3 experiences”

0x Studio

Unparalleled Creative Solutions

The FR0NTIER X Studio is a complete turnkey solution for brands, artists and projects looking to discover, design, create and engage with web3 and the metaverse. We are uniquely positioned with a World Class team from both a web2 and web3 perspective, supercharged by 3,000 Pioneers - a highly curated, expert web3 community that is being rewarded for contributions, input and engagement in projects we launch.

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Creative Direction

Blockchain Development

NFT Creation

Project Branding

App Development

Content Creation

Web3 Consultancy

Community  Creation & Management

Website Design & Development

Video Production

3D Modelling & Animation

Smart Contracts

Web3 Partnerships Introductions

“Fr0ntierX Labs harnesses our curated community to deliver data driven, class leading, bespoke web3 technology”

0x Lab

Powered by innovation, insight and a world-class team.

The FR0NTIER X Lab is a unique, exciting and innovative core component of FR0NTIER X, which is complemented by a Global Exclusive contract with LG Electronics on all webOS connected display screens.

Our deep knowledge and experience with web3 technology and data-driven community-engagement insights empower us to develop and offer unique solutions when launching or supporting projects.

We’re constantly developing proprietary, custom technology for our partners and can tailor the technology to any requirement.

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NFTs embedded in marketing campaigns

Proof of Attendance via Media Screens

Blockchain Development

Website integrations

“The Fr0ntierX Platform offers a unique white-labelled suite of web3 applications, elevating our clients brand”

0x Platform

All-In-One Web3 Infrastructure Provider.

The FRØNTIER X 'Platform' combines our unique products to support any project or existing project stand-alone or as a white-label offering. It starts with a powerful launchpad curated by an alpha community. Brands and projects can launch their web3 journey on Fr0ntierX with the highest interaction with an existing or fully developed community.

We value that companies want to control their own brand equity therefore our wallet, launchpad and marketplace are oered as white label solutions.

Our wallet blends seamless UX/UI with exceptional security. The technology features a unique token gated chat function combined with the ability to verify a token holder at any location that has NFC, Bluetooth or can display QR codes. Payment functions for both FIAT and cryptocurrency are
also available.

With use cases such as embedding a loyalty product, coupon, ticket, access to specific experiences or anything else into web3 technology, our clients see improved data quality, customer loyalty, flow and much more.

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The home for a simplified launch

Easy API integration without seed phrase, suitable for web2 audiences

Fully customisable with unique features and filters

Calling all Pioneers.

Our Core Team.

Zak Manhire

Partnerships & Co-Founder


Vladimir Haltakov

VP of Engineering


Vincent Binder



Jonny Cadden

Investor Relations & Talent


Ng Cheng Houng

Social Media & Community


Andrew Gilbert

Head of Revenue

USA East Coast

Sadia Bruce

Operations & Comms



CEO & Co-Founder


Ashley Williams


United Kingdom

Andy Perkins


United Kingdom

Albert Duncan

Operations Advisor


Malcolm Coombes

Creative Director

United Kingdom

Tom Hargreaves

Head of UX & Design

United Kingdom

Marcin Zduniak



James O'Neill

Lead Front-End Developer

United Kingdom

Irem Sener

Graphic Designer


Lakhwinder Singh

3D Designer

United Kingdom

Marc Coupar

WebOS Developer


Peter Munachi

Full-Stack Blockchain Engineer


Emnet Yohannes

Front-End Engineer


Perez Cato

Full-Stack Engineer


Ensermu Yigezu

Full-Stack Blockchain Engineer


Indongesit Ntuk

Full Stack Blockchain Engineer


Tunji Abioye

Full Stack Blockchain Engineer


Joe Fautless

Community Manager

United Kingdom

Amin Darian

Front-End Engineer

Middle East

Robert Kubik



...super charged by a community of web3 natives.

Our 3,000+ strong community of curated Web3 experts power everything we do.

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